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             Holistic Energy Therapies LLC

support for making body, mind, spirit changes in this lifetime

We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and look forward to serving you.

You deserve to be pampered – and Holistic Energy Therapies LLC is the perfect destination if you have an interest in detoxification, cleansing, and energetic balancing. We offer colon hydrotherapy, the Relax far infrared sauna providing 95% far infrared energy, and quantum biofeedback services. Please see each page here for additional information on these modalities.

Tricia Gosling, B.Sci., certified at the Advanced Level with International Association of Colonhydrotherapists (, has based her career on listening to clients' needs and providing a personalized service so every client has an uplifting experience. As a result, a high percentage of her business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Tricia would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as well. You can reach Trish directly at 616-481-9074. You may be interested in the special savings for sessions being offered at this time.  


"I am 33 years old and have experienced painful menstrual cycles that interrupt my life every month. At the beginning of 2011, I completed a three week detoxification and noticed considerable improvement in my overall health. I made a decision to include colon hydrotherapy during the cleanse and experienced increased health benefits, including a menstrual cycle without pain and discomfort." Shelli

"I have been to colon therapists in three states and have not encountered the caring presence that you bring to this process. Thank you and please consider moving to Hawaii." Kathy

"Over the last ten years, due to chronic pain and Multiple Sclerosis, I have been on a regimen of many medications, including narcotics, causing me many years of constipation. This year I decided to do something about it and saw Tricia Gosling. I began using a product and I started with good elimination the next day. These pills are made from nature, all natural. I strongly encourage anyone to at least try this therapy." Roger

"I was overeating for years. Now as a nursing student wanting to regain my health, I started on a raw food diet and after a few months I knew it was time to have a colonic to release some of the toxic buildup. I did a lot of research and found Tricia and boy am I happy I did. I was amazed at how comfortable I immediately felt in her presence. She took extra time and care with me and gave me a wealth of information before the session. The option to be "alone" proved to be the best for me. It was great with her being only a ring away should I need anything at all. She took great care in ensuring I was comfortable and all my needs were met, even ensuring I took probiotics before leaving. The immense feeling of well-being and just being "cleaner" was remarkable and I feel I was more connected with my body. Thank you, Tricia!" Melissa

"In 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, I have had 7 surgeries, 6 months of chemotherapy, 36 radiation treatments, and multiple types of medications. My digestive system was a wreck! My abdomen has been so extremely tight and bloated. After my first session with Tricia, I felt immediate relief. The knowledge I have learned will continue to be beneficial" Angela

"I am a 65-year-old female. I work every day at a physical job for 6 to 8 hours Monday through Friday. I am often asked how I maintain my energy. As we go through life, we gather what I call my health team .... almost everyone has this due to physical needs ... doctors, dentists, sometimes surgeons, therapists, etc. Usually they are the result of some sickness, injury or pain. Four years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and we started eating differently and exercising. As I continued educating myself, I wanted to take steps in preventative ways so that I could better maintain my health. One of these steps was colon hydrotherapy. I have had one session, once a month with Trish for three years now. Although our bodies are made to get rid of waste, they weren't designed to battle the onslaught of chemicals and toxins that we are inundated with daily from the air we breathe to the floors we walk on, the cleaners we use, the plastics all around us and much of the food we eat. I believe that colon hydrotherapy is a terrific return on my investments of time and energy for glowing skin and fabulous health." Dawn

I came to Tricia almost two years ago for Colon Hydrotherapy and found her to be sincere, caring, dedicated, personable, knowledgeable, reasonable and realistic. She makes sure you have a full understanding of the process and its impacts. With the added use of the Infrared Sauna to aid in detoxing and relaxation, the beneficial effect was impressive, for within a couple sessions my bodily activities were advancing to a more symbiotic relationship. She helped restore my overall health well beyond what it had been. Last year, after having a car accident and not being able to get back into a parasympathetic rest and relax mode. I turned to Tricia’s expertise in Quantum biofeedback to help. The calming effect was instantaneous, the insights gained from the process where fascinating and her interpretations were so insightful. What makes Tricia irreplaceable, besides her tremendous experience, is the deep level of concern and care she has for her clients. I continue to see Tricia regularly and highly recommend Holistic Energy Therapies for your personal health care needs. Mary

I have been seeing Tricia Gosling, owner of Holistic Energy Therapies for many years as part of my holistic self care. This includes monthly Colon Hydrotherapy, which I consider a cornerstone of my good health, along with frequent Far Infrared Sauna and Quantum Biofeedback sessions. Tricia is a professional in every way and takes a serious interest in my health goals and does her part in helping me to achieve them. I am always amazed at how much better I feel after each appointment with Tricia and it encourages me to practice a healthier lifestyle. I have tried other resources for each of these therapies and in my opinion Holistic Energy Therapies is the very best there is to support your health goals. Sharon

Trish Gosling has played a integral role in helping me with my health goals! I've been going to see her for regular colon-hydrotherapy sessions and biofeedback for over a year, and have seen significant improvements in my health, energy levels, focus, sleep, and all around sense of well-being! Trish offers a very warm, comfortable, private and relaxing environment and is very patient, discreet and extremely knowledgeable/helpful. I've been to several colon hydrotherapists over the last 15 years and can confidently state that Trish is hands down one of the best there is! Jeanne

Tricia is an attentive, caring professional and I have been seeing her for my holistic health care needs for over two years. Every visit begins with a brief consultation and these chats have helped me to establish better health habits and a healthier lifestyle overall. Highly recommend! Joshua

I have been receiving services monthly for over 2 years and cannot recommend Holistic Energy Therapies enough. The setting is tranquil and Tricia is knowledgeable and caring. Ann

Call 616-481-9074 today for an appointment!

Hours: Monday thru Saturday by appointment only.

Monday through Friday from 9 to 7 p.m., Saturday from 9 to 4 p.m.